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March 3rd I completed 20 years in the USA.
Why did I decided to move here?
Because I did not want to go to university.
Nothing against it but there were no profession, for me, worth 6 years of studying.

In the US I learned about NLP (neuro linguistic programing) and network marketing.

I fell in love.

NLP lead me to personal growth, reading and attending some amazing seminars. And network marketing has become my profession.

I thought I didn’t like studying but I really only needed something that I would be excited about in order for me to invest the time.

As Zig Ziglar said:
Find something you love doing and you will never have to work another day in your life again.

I am thankful for the last 20 years. For this country. For all the amazing friends I have.
And for the path I found here.
I thank God for guiding me and giving me the strength while away from my town, my friends and my family.


And I am ready for more.


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