Know the TOP 10 things you should look for in a Network Marketing company before you join

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For the last 10 years I’ve been involved with 10 different network marketing companies…..

I Bought the CDs and DVDs went to the seminars. I gave away flyers and 10 biz cards per day. I have jumped and screamed…I was very motivated, but I had no success. It was only when I understood the 10 keys to success that I was able to make my first Million!!

You know, many leaders say that the Company does not matter. They say its only up to you and they are half right, you can have a Ferrari but if you don’t get in it, turn on the engine and step on the gas, nothing will happen. But saying that its all up to you would be insane, its like saying that you can drive a 1969 bug against my X5 BMW and bit me to the finish line.

And although that could happen, the odds are the X5 will win each time…. SO, WE


So here are the 10 things you should look for in a Company.

“Knowledge is power”, so read our FREE guide a few times until you truly understand it before you choose a company to partner up with.

#1 First of all understand the odds:

Don’t fool yourself, most company won’t make it. Actually 97% of the companies will not be here in the next 10 years. So do I have to say “BE EXTRA CAREFUL WITH A START UP COMPANY”?

Most MLMrs will try to convince you that you must be on the top …… you must be the first one to join in order to make money.

What they are saying is:

– The first people make money, everybody else looses.

So start looking for another startup company 3 to 6 years from now because this opportunity will be gone by then.

“What a philosophy”

If you are building a business its because you want a residual income that will last a life time, for that to happen you need a company that will be here for the next 100 years. You need a company that will be better 10 or 20 years from now. You need a solid company with a real business.

Don’t be fooled by the start ups…. 97% of them will not be here 10 years from now.

The economy has been the worse in the last 50 years. Companies are laying people off, downsizing and many are going out of business. For the first time people are concerned they might lose their jobs or get a pay cut.

I am from Brazil and many people from my country are going back home because they lost their jobs, and many times, 3 months without a job and they lose their car, their savings and/or their houses.

More than ever is important to choose a company that is:

#2 Financially Sound.


A- Will it last?

B- Are they going to send the checks late? (the fastest way for a company to ruin your whole group is not to pay their distributors on time)

If the company has loans, pays interest, high overhead. If the owner is spending more money on his fancy cars and his private jet than he is in his associates, you should probably run!!!!

Choose wisely where you are going to invest your time.

A- Most companies’ owners are MLMrs and they own the downline;

B- Most companies know they have a short window to make their millions and move on;

C- The results: Most companies make decisions to make themselves wealthy at the expense of the people (their customers);

Look for a company mission driven, with long term vision. Built by people used to running big corporations. People that don’t use hype and exaggerations in order to motivate people, instead they have a mission that inspires people to reach their goals and to help others.

#3 Unique Consumable Products

A- Most companies are a one product company. Big mistake. Eventually Wall Mart and Costco will sell that same product for half of the price. We have seen this happened over and over again.

Its happened with all the juice companies and it will happen with all the “Wonder Products” type of companies.

B- Companies should have a variety of products with dozens of patents protecting their uniqueness, I believe they should be the manufacture and very aggressive as far as always creating new products and developing new patents.

C- Real businesses are always evolving, increasing the variety of products and services will increase the volume per customer and loyalty as well.

That is the only way to create real “walk away” residual income. Isn’t that what we are all working for?

#4 Competitively Priced

Woahhhhhh ……. wait a minute. Companies expect us to convince the masses to buy very expensive products month after month?

Are they helping us to create freedom through residual income or are they just trying to make their millions while their business last?? 10 years ago there was a water filter company that made hundreds of millions of dollars. In 4 years the owner had acquired 2 privet jets, 12 Lamborghini, and 200 hundred million dollars in personal asset. AMAZING.

Well, the company was shut down and many lives destroyed. The owner had to pay a fee but still managed to walk away with many millions. I am so glad was not a part of that but many people were and many more continue to join companies that are just trying to make as much as possible as fast as they can.

A great company will always think long term and for that they must have products with reasonable prices.

That is a very important factor in order to create real “walk away” residual income.

#5 High Reorder Rate

If you are in business your goal should always be to have repeat customers. Those are the customers that will bring business to you every month and probably bring their friends and family.

When I had my printing shop I would give away business cards to those that brought me referrals, those were my happy customers that kept coming back month after month. I have worked with 2 MLM companies that promoted juices and shakes. Good products, good results, however they were very expensive. How many of you would buy a $40 juice bottle every week ($160 per month) for the rest of your lives??


I‘ll tell you, in my team our reorder rate was only 30% and less than 10% of our customers were still buying a year later. Crazy business model. Only the people qualifying for a check were still buying after 1 year.

No need to say that we were constantly replacing customers……. not lots of money on doing that.

You need a business that most of your customers will buy your products month after month, year after year, regardless of whether they are making money or not. They are buying because they love and need your products. That’s a real business. THAT’S REAL RESIDUAL INCOME.

#6 Low Personal Production Required

One time i heard from a trainer:

– If you are buying products just to qualify for a bonus check, don’t do it. You should only promote a business or service if you would buy the products every month even if there was no business behind it. You are buying it because you need and want those products.

That is why they have the 80/20 rule. 80% of people will not buy $200 or $300 worth of products every month, so only the 20% will buy so they can qualify for their checks……

NOT A REAL GOOD BUSINESS MODEL, especially if you want to create long lasting residual income.

Low personal production will give a chance to the 80%ers, more people buying, more residual income for you and your team.

#7 Low Entry Fee

As the old saying goes:

– If it is so good why are you so anxious to make all that money on me?

The real idea behind network marketing is to have many people doing a little instead of a few people doing a lot, so you should not have to buy inventories and you definitely should not have to buy thousands of dollars to qualify for your position. That’s called “front loading” and it is the main reason why many companies get in legal problems. Stay away from those deals at any cost. Many people doing a little will ensure your residual income.

#8 Low Attrition

If you had to continue to put sand in a bucket that had a big hole on the bottom, how long would it take until you quit??

– One day?

– One month??

– Maybe one year???

I don’t know how long it would take for you to quit but for me it took 3 years. 3 years of hard

work, constantly depending on the new people coming in. With less than 30% reorder rate it was just like my bucket had a huge hole on the bottom. Not a pleasant experience. Customers will continue to buy month after month if there is value. Quality products at competitive price.

That will create residual income!!!

Walk away residual income for you and your family!!

#9 Timing

If you get this one right you will probably have a successful career with network marketing. There is a huge misconception with this one very important success factor.

So, let’s see if I can explain it:

Most companies and leaders will say that you must be the first to get in in order to be successful. Let’s analyze two problems with this way of thinking:

1- If only the ones that get in first become successful, what they are saying is that in 5 or maybe 8 years the people that get in will fail and eventually the opportunity will not exist.

2- What they are also saying is that they will try to make and keep as much money as possible before the company collapses.

Now…… who do you think will lose? The owners and the “big leaders”? Or the regular people?? The ones that bought the CDs, videos, seminars, products, etc…..

I am sure you know the answer. 94% of all the companies will fail in their first 10 years, so before you join them ask yourself a question:

Are you trying to make some quick money or you are looking to create real residual income??

To create real residual income you need a company that has long term thinking……. a company that plans to be here in the next 20+ years. A company that keeps evolving so their timing keeps getting better each year.So next time someone says you should be the first, be the first one to run away:)

#10 is No Breakaways and No risk

Why would you want your business to break away from you? Some companies say that the better person should get all the bonuses, but who brought that leader?? You did …. Shouldn’t you be rewarded?

Why should you be penalized for bringing someone better than you? You shouldn’t!

Breakaways and binaries only reward the top people not the 80%ers. Now…. the leader should make more if he is producing more but it should not take away from you. I am sure you have heard the 80/20 rules. 20% of all the people will make money and the 80% wont. What this rule is saying is that the money the 20% make comes from the 80%. Well, in most companies the start up cost is very high and it is not 100% refundable. So when the 80% get in and invest 1k, 2k or 3k dollars they will most likely lose their investment or at least a good part of it. That does not sound like a win win.

All business should have 100% guarantee and no large investment……. no one looses, everyone, including the 80% wins.

That’s a business that will last a life time and create long lasting residual income. I am sure that if you paid attention to this free guide you’ve gotten a much better understanding of why its important to pick the right vehicle as well as taking action. With the right company everything else is a lot more fun and profitable.


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