Invest into your emotional bank account.

I feel blessed to have so many great friends, and ridding my bike w Neto Garcia and Patricia Diniz after we scubdived together just a few days ago got me thinking. It’s not enough just to call people friends, if we don’t invest our time and share experiences w them that friendship will never grow. Even w our kids, if we don’t invest our time w them, they will still be our kids but we won’t know them and they won’t know us. #TonyRobbins says that life is made of memories and if we repeat those memories over and over w our kids it becomes a tradition and that they will forever remember.

A unexpected phone call, a quick text saying hello, a walk on a park, lunch, bbq, a car ride together, etc…… those things will create a bond and eventually a loving relationship.

Its so easy to get busy with life and ignore our loved ones and eventually feel empty and lonely. At the end of the day you will feel fulfilled or empty based on how much time you spent with the people you care about. It doesn’t matter how productive you were at work and how many likes you got on your social media posts, if you did not invest time in the people you care about your emotional bank account will feel empty.

I tell my daughter my goal is to be a millionaire. She asks me what is a millionaire and I tell her that is someone with a million friends. I don’t mean a million likes nor a million followers, I mean a million friends. People I care about and that care about me.

So, my friends ……. let’s create opportunities to spend time together and continue to create great memories.
And specially ….. create memories and traditions w our kids. Give them the gift of getting to know you, give yourself the gift of getting to know them.


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