Are you a dreamer or not?

Coming back from Brazil last week I watched “the legend of the guardian angels”, what an awesome movie! If you haven’t seeing it yet, you should rent it and watch it with your family and team.

It reminded me of Airton Senna. Airton Senna was the most famous and popular formula 1 racer in Brazil and probably in the world. When he used to race, it was usually on Sunday mornings, every family used to watch the race together and cheer for him. He had passion, he was humble, and more thn anything else, he was a dreamer.

I remember when he passed away, over a decade ago, the country cried. The TV station did many shows about him and they would always interview his teacher. I remember his teacher always saying: “Airton, he was a dreamer. Every time I would look at him he was looking out the window contemplating the horizon, just dreaming.”

She would tell him that dreaming would not get him good grades and because of that he would not have a great carrier….. but he continued to dream and became a success in many areas of his life and inspired millions of people.

I thought of him because of the movie. In the movie there were this two brother owls. One was definitely a dreamer and the other one was not. The father owl tells stories of the guardian angles that have defended their world and continue to do so. As the dreamer owl was excited about the whole story the other one was convinced this was all a lie, they did not exist and to even talk about them was a waste of time. He would say: “Stop dreaming.” And the dreamer owl would say: “Why? Being a dreamer allows me to dream not only at night but also as I am awake”.

Because he was a dreamer he had a total different attitude thn the other. He was happy, he dreamed of being a protector of his family, later in the movie he made the right decisions, he risked his life for his family, he knew he could protect them and that he was not alone. He had hopes and he took good action because he believed. The other owl had no sense of humor, always complaining because nothing was going to work out, there was no hope for him. He was envy of his brother and when it came down to making decisions he took a different route. I don’t want to spoil the movie so I won’t say more but I sure hope you watch it. You will see some of the differences we, the dreamers, have compare to the others out there.

My friend, if you haven’t been dreaming awake, it’s time to start. There is the old saying:

“If God gave us the ability to dream he also gave us the tools to make our dreams a reality”.

Have fun dreaming and keep on charging,

Fabricio Nobre


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